Who are we ?

Life Cycle Solutions 

Founded in 2019, Group Recycling has become an expert in electronic device lifecycle solutions that include asset disposal, secure data disposal and e-waste recycling.

Group Recycling has started recycling activities in electronic waste, hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste areas in Şekerpınar, Kocaeli in 2019 with the aim of environmental awareness and efficient use of World Resources.

Year 12 group, which is capable of processing 500 tons of recycling, recycling processes with the latest technology equipment and professional team conducting domestic production, taking into account relevant legislation, continues to provide added value to the country's economy by providing recycling solutions.



Group Recycling adds value to the national and international sector with new technologies by constantly renewing and developing its experiences from the past.

We help organizations dispose of electronic devices in a safe, sustainable and cost-effective way. We start by assessing the device's life cycle requirements and then try to secure the entire recycling process from start to finish so that nothing is left vulnerable.

Electronic devices are now processed to safely destroy data, maximize value recovery and minimize environmental impacts. Our solutions provide you with peace of mind knowing that your data and electronic recycling are handled in a sustainable way. You also benefit from the value we can get from reusable components and recyclable materials.