Logistics Services


t covers all of the services for the safe storage of products needed by all sectors, for all products that are inert and need to be recycled or destroyed, until the transaction date.

As well as meeting all your storage needs, Group Recycling also offers inventory management to help you track all your products effectively. Our personalized inventory system can manage a single pallet or warehouse occupancy from one month to several years, depending on your company's unique requirements.

Collection and distribution

We collaborate with your company and produce programs that suit your needs so that you can benefit from our hassle-free shipping and reception services. Group Recycling lists your idle products from your warehouses and stores them in the same way. Group Recycling provides collection services with special waste collection tools. Our vehicles have completed official requirements and meet EU standards.

  • To reduce the costs of our customers

  • Making garbage valuable

  • Protecting the environment and nature

Professional logistics for all your waste

Group Recycling