Waste Battery Temporary Storage


aste accumulators and batteries collected in accordance with the relevant regulations are sent to the licensed facilities we have contracted with, and their recycling is ensured.

Why Choose Us?

We offer direct collection service for a variety of battery waste products, including battery modules, batteries, EEE or production scrap. We also offer packaging and disassembly solutions to further assist our customers. Waste batteries and batteries (batteries) packaged and prepared by the waste generator, hazardous waste It is loaded on vehicles licensed for transportation and shipped to the facility. After weighing, it is recorded in the system and stored in accordance with the standards. Then, necessary actions are taken for shipping to licensed recycling facilities. It is sent to the facility.

  • Consumer batteries, Industrial type batteries etc.

  • Battery, Accumulator, PSU Batteries etc.

  • Solar energy panels and storage units

  • Wind turbines and energy storage units

We collect and recycle all accumulators and batteries in an environmentally friendly manner.

Group Recycling