Safe Destruction

Safer Disposal


Group Recycling carries out safe disposal of printed documents, digital data and waste within the scope of information security policies and ISO 27001, TS en 15713 standards. We eliminate your need for data destruction, which comprises the need for Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) in Turkey and Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards around the world, safely, licensed, certified and quickly.

At our facility, which is monitored by security cameras for 24 hours, we destroy the information inside your waste that comes with sealed waste transport vehicles in such a way that it will not be used again. Your waste is recycled by breaking down into raw materials. Depending on your preference, after the destruction process, which you can accompany, the destruction images and the destruction report are provided to you.


 Group recycling’s certified services include on-site and plant-based shredding services for:


  • LTO, DLT, and all other types of data stored tapes
  • Hard Drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • Flash Media
  • And all other types of electronic storage media


Group recycling, physical destruction and shredding of hard drives, data tapes, cell phones, and other electronic media. 



Plant Based Shredding: 

Our professionally trained personnel take out the inventory of your hard drives, data cassettes and other electronic devices, carry them to our facility with our GPS tracking vehicles and store them safely. We record our facility all day with security cameras. All your materials stored at our facility are re-listed and grouped before disposal. They destroy your hard drives after being scanned with special destruction equipment. When your materials are destroyed, a Certificate of destruction is issued on behalf of your company and delivered to you.


On Site Shredding:

 For highly secure projects, on-site shredding ensures all of your hard drives and data tapes are completely shredded before leaving your facility. Group recycling will shred inside your facility or on our dedicated data destruction vehicle at a high-rate of speed. We issue a Certificate of Destruction at the conclusion of the project listing all items by serial number, item type, make and model.


Online Destruction Monitoring Service:

Group recycling also provides its customers with online monitoring of all destruction processes.



Destruction video recording service:

We record all destruction Service images. I forward these records to our customers.


Recycled doesn’t always mean destroyed” Group recycling