Non-Hazardous Waste Collection - Separation


Hazardous wastes have properties that will harm human health and nature. Hazardous waste is produced from many sources, from industrial production process waste to batteries; it can take many forms, including liquids, solid gases, and sludge.


We use special treatment and disposal techniques to eliminate the potential impact of hazardous waste on the mountain. We have hazardous waste collection and disposal certificates that certify the capabilities and workforce required to ensure proper disposal of your hazardous waste. Documents and services provided to our customers:

  • Copy of operating licenses and operating permits
  • Detailed information about the amounts and amounts of hazardous wastes that we can accept and process
  • Our documents stating that we can accept the class of hazardous waste you produce
  • All legally required hazardous waste notices and all appropriate records
  • Records are generally kept by us for at least 5 years or longer, if required by local law

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